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Iqbal Hossain Raju - PeerSpot reviewer
Sep 20, 2023
Can quickly query it to generate quick results
We have used Snowflake before. We support both. Firebolt has better performance, executing queries much quicker than Snowflake. However, Snowflake has more functionality. Depending on the client's needs, we can recommend the best option. Firebolt is a relatively new technology. Snowflake has many functionalities. Firebolt does not support unloading data to S3. There is no built-in way to do this in Firebolt. Alternatively, the data can be retrieved using API calls and loaded to S3 manually. Data can be unloaded to S3 directly using Snowflake. Firebolt significantly improves our performance over Snowflake because it takes less time to execute queries. This is especially important for our company because we use some KPIs that require fast loading times.
Ankit  Shukla - PeerSpot reviewer
Mar 17, 2023
Options to connect with extendable sources in three buckets comes in handy
Our primary use case for Snowflake is inputting data generated by AWS This solution has helped our organization by being easy to maintain and having good technical support. The features I have found most valuable are the options to connect with extendable sources in three buckets in which we can…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Firebolt is fast for analytical purposes. For example, we have analytical data in our data warehouse, and Firebolt can quickly query it to generate quick results."
"The distributed architecture of Snowflake has the capacity to process huge datasets faster and allows us to scale up and down according to our needs."
"It is a highly scalable solution. There is no limit on storage or computing."
"The querying speed is fast."
"The technical support is pretty good, particularly if you are a more technical user."
"The solution is easy to use."
"Time travel is one feature that really helps us out."
"The most valuable feature of Snowflake is it's an all-in-one data warehousing solution."
"The most valuable feature is the snapshot database. In one second, you can just take a snapshot of the database for test purposes."


"Firebolt's engine takes a long time to start because it needs to make engine calls."
"They need to improve its ETL functionality so that Snowflake becomes an ETL product. Snowpipe can do some pipelines and data ingestion, but as compare to Talend, these functionalities are limited. The ETL feature is not good enough. Therefore, Snowflake can only be used as a database. You can't use it as an ETL tool, which is a limitation. We have spoken to the vendor, and they said they are working on it, but I'm not sure when they will bring it to production."
"These days, they are pushing users towards the GUI or graphical version. However, I am more familiar with the classic version. I'd like to continue to work with it using the older approach."
"The solution could improve by allowing non-structured data, such as PDFs, images, or videos. We cannot see the data."
"It would benefit from an administration that allows you to be aware of your credit consumption once you have the service so that you may be sure how many credits you are consuming when you use the platform and to make sure that you are making the most efficient use of these resources. In other words, to improve their interface so that you may monitor the consumption of your credits on Cloud."
"Currently, Snowflake doesn't support unstructured data."
"I would like to see a client version of the GUI."
"These aren't as crucial, but there are common errors sometimes where the database is down, or a table is nullified and a new table is added and you are not given access to that. With those errors, you don't have permissions."
"Snowflake could improve migration. It should be made easier. It would be beneficial if it could offer some OLTP features. One of our customers was using Oracle for both data warehousing and OLTP workloads, and they were able to migrate their data warehousing workloads to Snowflake without major issues. However, for some of their OLTP requirements, such as needing a response time of fewer than 10 milliseconds for certain queries, Snowflake is currently unable to provide that."

Pricing and Cost Advice

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"I believe that pricing is reasonable for this solution."
"It is not cheap."
"You need to be aware of the bloating costs. It is easy to use, but if you don't use it wisely, then your monthly bill can bloat a lot. You need to be a bit aware of its consumption cost."
"The solution is expensive but worth the cost because the quality is there."
"The price for the solution's license depends on the use cases."
"There is a license needed to use this solution. There are a few licensing options available. They have a pay-as-you-go option, but it is recommended to pay upfront."
"Currently, we have a trial account, so we don't need a license. After our project starts, we would need a permanent license."
"There is a licensing for this solution and we purchased an enterprise license. Overall the solution is cost-effective."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Firebolt?
Firebolt is fast for analytical purposes. For example, we have analytical data in our data warehouse, and Firebolt can quickly query it to generate quick results.
What needs improvement with Firebolt?
Firebolt's engine takes a long time to start because it needs to make engine calls. Currently, the data size of Firebolt is small. It can be increased.
What advice do you have for others considering Firebolt?
One way to retrieve data from firewalls is to add query parameters to the connection string. For example, you can use the REST API to retrieve the security query. Some firewalls have been deployed ...
What do you like most about Snowflake?
The best thing about Snowflake is its flexibility in changing warehouse sizes or computational power.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Snowflake?
The product's price range falls between average to a bit expensive range. I think the tool is worth the money if you use it properly. It is difficult for me to speak about the number of users who u...
What needs improvement with Snowflake?
I don't think that the AI tools in Snowflake are good. AI tools in Snowflake can be improved. Even if the AI tools in Snowflake are good, I feel that it would be expensive. The cost of the AI part ...



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