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Fortinet FortiEDR
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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) (12th)
ESET Endpoint Protection Pl...
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Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) (9th), Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) (4th), Anti-Malware Tools (3rd)
Veritas Desktop and Laptop ...
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Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) (56th)

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reviewer2166780 - PeerSpot reviewer
Apr 10, 2024
Offers behavior analysis, improved our endpoint security posture but a lot of false positives where things are incorrectly flagged that require manual configuration to allow
I would like to improve the integration process because a big selling point was the ease of integration within the Fortinet ecosystem. I would expect more built-in collaboration to allow for easier threat mitigation across Fortinet systems. The strength of FortiEDR lies in its overall ability to protect us from new threats. We have encountered issues with it as well. We've had a lot of false positives; things incorrectly flagged that require manual configuration to allow. Even worse, after we allow a legitimate program, it sometimes gets flagged again after an update. This has caused a lot of extra work for my team. I would like to see improved heuristics so the system better understands what's legitimate and doesn't keep blocking it after minor updates.
Joseph Guay - PeerSpot reviewer
Apr 4, 2023
Simple and offers low false positives with good pricing
We have 400 seats, and we use Linux Windows and don't have a lot of Macs, so we haven't tested the level of Mac protection. However, this solution is mostly for device protection from malware and ransomware. It's for endpoint security We had a log4j attack, and ESET was able to protect our…
Jul 24, 2023
Though support needs improvement, the tool is easy to maintain and scale up
We use it as backup software for our desktops and computers. It works as an agent to protect the computers The great feature of the solution is its functionalities as a DLO, which saves us space. The solution provides an easy GUI allowing you to use it as a backup and restore your computer…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Exceptions are easy to create and the interface is easy to follow with a nice appearance."
"The solution was relatively easy to deploy."
"It is very easy to set up. I would rate my experience with the initial setup a ten out of ten, with ten being very easy to set up."
"Fortinet is very user-friendly for customers."
"The ease of deployment and configuration is valuable. It's very easy compared to other vendors like Sophos. Sophos' configuration is complex. Fortinet is a lot easier to understand. You don't need a lot of admin knowledge to do the configuration."
"This is stable and scalable."
"he solution is an anti-malware product that integrates well with other vendor products such as firewalls, SIEM, etc. It captures threat intelligence and gives you better visibility. The product also has sandboxing features."
"The setup is pretty simple."
"The pricing is reasonable."
"The administration is its most valuable feature as I can see all versions in one place."
"It is pretty easy to deploy. Its update definition file is small, so it can dispatch very quickly within the enterprise. The product itself is very lightweight, so it won't delay your endpoint. You also don't have to do any difficult configuration because it comes with a very good default setting. So, you just install it and forget it."
"ESET Endpoint Security's best feature is that it's invisible until it detects a problem."
"This solution does not slow down your systems. It is very light."
"It has been working fine. It lets you know when it finds things. We didn't have any incident where the place had to shut down or was taken over by anything. We haven't had any issues that we know of."
"The most valuable features of ESET Endpoint Antivirus are that it is lightweight, it will not take up too much CPU and memory of the server or workstation. The detection is good and easy to use."
"This solution blocks the brand new malware threats."
"The solution provides an easy GUI allowing you to use it as a backup and restore your computer whenever you want, following administrator rules."


"Once, we had an event that was locked and blocked, but information about it came to us two or three days later."
"Making the portal mobile friendly would be helpful when I am out of office."
"FortiEDR could add a separate scanning dashboard. In incident management, we prefer to remove the endpoint system from the environment and scan the system. We typically use Symantec for that, but if we want to use FortiEDR for that, then we need a scanning tab to clarify things."
"They can include the automation for the realtime updates. We have a network infrastructure with remote sites. Whenever they send updates, they are not automated. We have to go into the console and push those updates. I wish it was more automated. The update file is currently around 31 MB. It could be smaller."
"Detections could be improved."
"It takes about two business days for initial support, which is too slow in urgent situations."
"The EDR console should have more extensive reporting. You shouldn't need to purchase FortiAnalyzer. It should be included in the EDR part. The security adviser cloud platform could be improved with more options for exclusive or intensive rules for devices."
"I think cloud security and SASE are areas of concern in the product where improvements are required. The tool's cloud version has to be improved in terms of the security it offers."
"iOS compatibility for mobile security and parental control."
"We have experienced some problems with the actualization of some endpoints. We then have to manually reinstall the version on these endpoints."
"High-end hardware requirements across workstations"
"It can be hard to set up if you need to customize it."
"Sometimes, ESET sends alerts within my own network that cause confusion. That is, it might warn about contamination, or that the VM has crashed, but it doesn't go further than that. It just shows me the alert and sometimes I am not sure what to do about it."
"ESET Endpoint Security could improve EDR integration."
"I saw a bunch of false positives which need to be fixed."
"Its initial setup process could be more straightforward."
"The support team of the product lacks skills and needs improvement."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"I'm not familiar with pricing, but it looks a bit costly compared to other vendors I think."
"It's not cheap, but it's not expensive either."
"Fortinet FortiEDR is available at a very competitive price compared to the other products in the market."
"It is expensive and I would rate it 8 on the scale."
"It's moderately priced, neither cheap nor expensive."
"Offered at a high price"
"The pricing is good."
"The pricing is typical for enterprises and fairly priced."
"ESET is cheap."
"The cost is a very reasonable. When compared with other products, the price is low (though not very low)."
"The price of the solution is reasonable compared to competitors."
"The price is okay and I don't have any issues with it."
"It is just under $20 a user per year, and there are no additional costs. I would rate it a five out of five in terms of pricing."
"This is not an expensive solution."
"I think it's available for a pretty fair price. If you know how to use it, then it's a very fair price for what you get."
"This is not an expensive product."
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Questions from the Community

What's the difference between Fortinet's FortiEDR and FortiClient?
I suggest Fortinet’s FortiEDR over FortiClient for several reasons. For starters, FortiEDR guarantees solid protectio...
What do you like most about Fortinet FortiEDR?
We have FortiEDR installed on all our systems. This protects them from any threats.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Fortinet FortiEDR?
The pricing of the solution is on the high end compared to its offerings and capabilities.
What do you like most about ESET Endpoint Security?
ESET Endpoint Security’s most valuable feature is the management console.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for ESET Endpoint Security?
I rate the product’s pricing a three out of ten. It is neither cheap nor expensive for our clients. We use the free v...
What needs improvement with ESET Endpoint Security?
The product’s AI implementation feature could be better for learning user behavior. There could be a feature to detec...
What do you like most about Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option?
The solution provides an easy GUI allowing you to use it as a backup and restore your computer whenever you want, fol...
What needs improvement with Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option?
Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option's server and GUI are of an old style that could be improved. In the solution, the n...
What is your primary use case for Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option?
We use it as backup software for our desktops and computers. It works as an agent to protect the computers.

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enSilo, FortiEDR
Smart Security, ESET PROTECT Advanced, ESET LiveGuard Advanced, ESET PROTECT Platform
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