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Mar 5, 2024
Offers neat and easy to understand findings dashboards and offers consistent user experience
We're in the initial phase and don't have any regulatory obligations yet. We're still building up the environment. However, we can run the CIS Benchmark scan across the entire environment. Security best practices were another reason I looked into Inspector, as it also performs CIS compliance for configuration. We're just getting started with the compliance aspect. Amazon Inspector simplifies our vulnerability assessment process. It is one key feature I was looking for. Amazon Inspector supports the CIS Benchmarks. We had a homegrown tool to do that earlier, and now we are looking forward to using Amazon Inspector for it. So, the automated scanning feature has positively impacted our security posture. It offers capabilities around compliance and vulnerability management for EC2 instances, including OS compliance checks and vulnerabilities within EC2 OS images. The findings dashboards are neat and easy to understand, offering clear demarcations for different types of findings and detailed insights into specific vulnerabilities and their associated instances. It is not a place where everything is dumped together. It is easy to understand the layout. It very precisely does what it talks about. When a vulnerability is identified, it tells me which instance has it and what operating system image it's using. This helps me correlate and understand, "Okay, this vulnerability is likely due to the OS I'm running. Maybe switching to a more secure option will help remediate these issues." Overall, the dashboards effectively convey what they're designed to do. They tell you about vulnerabilities within your runtime environment, whether it's containers, EC2 instances, or even Lambdas (though I don't have experience with those). For EC2 instances, that's how we primarily use it.
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"The pricing is very transparent and clear."
"It's priced according to market standards for its services."
"It is scaled as you go. There are probably a certain number of scans per month, and there are tiers. If you're under a certain tier, it is free. The second level is pennies, and then all the way up to like a million. So, it has a tiered pricing program. They're pretty good with your initial scanning, and there is room to scale based on being affordable, but it is fairly cheap. There are no additional costs. They pretty much think about it as a pay-per-scan type model."
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What do you like most about Amazon Inspector?
The integration of Amazon Inspector with other AWS services has enhanced our security. Security Hub is a major asset because it allows us to centralize data from various AWS services. We can integ...
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Amazon Inspector?
The pricing is very transparent and clear, so I don't have any challenges with it. It's good.
What needs improvement with Amazon Inspector?
There is room for improvement in the scanning capabilities. I'd like to see broader coverage in terms of the vulnerabilities detected. Right now, it's not as comprehensive as some of the third-part...
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