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IBM Turbonomic
Ranking in Cloud Management
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Ranking in other categories
Cloud Migration (5th), Virtualization Management Tools (2nd), Cloud Analytics (1st), Cloud Cost Management (1st)
Ranking in Cloud Management
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No ranking in other categories
Rapid7 InsightCloudSec
Ranking in Cloud Management
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) (26th), Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP) (19th)

Featured Reviews

Jul 18, 2023
Sheds light on how an application functions and how it could be more efficient
We would go quarter-to-quarter and say, "Okay, go optimize our application environments." We could use Azure Monitor or a couple of other tools that aren't nearly as robust, and without knowing the impact, other than what Azure Monitor gives you. But Azure Monitor, which doesn't do memory metrics, would tell you, "You can reduce size by doing this," but maybe memory was the problem. Turbonomic is much more robust. Before using it, we were doing things in a very manual way. The way I got Turbonomic through the door was by saying, "You want to have your entire staff clean up the cloud every quarter?"
Jul 9, 2024
Easy to patch, except for the toleration issue and good dashboard
It seems pretty good so far. I have a meeting with the security team to review the results we're getting from it. I'm still early in the journey; I need feedback from the security team. I'm just the engineer deploying it. We have multiple Kubernetes clusters in different environments: Dev, QA, UAT, etc., and we go through to production. I've been getting it running on our Kubernetes clusters. I have a review with the security team who are the main users. Compared to Microsoft Defender for Containers and Sentinel, it seems comparable. I'm considering using Defender for Containers on the AKS cluster and feeding that into Rapid7 since it's used across our entire estate.

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Pricing and Cost Advice

"Licensing is per socket, so load up on the cores rather than a lot of lower core CPUs."
"You should understand the cost of your physical servers and how much time and money you are spending year over year on expanding your virtual farm."
"The pricing and licensing are fair. We purchase based on benchmark pricing, which we have been able to get. There are no surprise charges nor hidden fees."
"I don't know the current prices, but I like how the licensing is based on the number of instances instead of sockets, clusters, or cores. We have some VMs that are so heavy I can only fit four on one server. It's not cost-effective if we have to pay more for those. When I move around a VM SQL box with 30 cores and a half-terabyte of RAM, I'm not paying for an entire socket and cores where people assume you have at least 10 or 20 VMs on that socket for that pricing."
"It is an endpoint type license, which is fine. It is not overly expensive."
"Everybody tells me the pricing is high. But the ROIs are great."
"Contact the Turbonomic sales team, explain your needs and what you're looking to monitor. They will get a pre-sales SE on the phone and together work up a very accurate quote."
"The pricing is in line with the other solutions that we have. It's not a bargain software, nor is it overly expensive."
Information not available
"We're doing an annual subscription. There are additional expenses, but not within the confines of this platform."
"Companies generally buy this tool because the pricing is not that high."
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Questions from the Community

What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Turbonomic?
I have not seen Turbonomic's new pricing since IBM purchased it. When we were looking at it in my previous company be...
What needs improvement with Turbonomic?
I would like Turbonomic to add more services, especially in the cloud area. I have already told them this. They can a...
What is your primary use case for Turbonomic?
I mostly provide it to my clients. There are multiple reasons why they would use it depending on the client's needs a...
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What do you like most about Rapid7 InsightCloudSec?
The tool provides centralized visibility through dashboards and alerts, allowing customers to receive reports on clou...
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Rapid7 InsightCloudSec?
Companies generally buy this tool because the pricing is not that high. ICS's pricing is still per the market standar...
What needs improvement with Rapid7 InsightCloudSec?
Rapid7 InsightCloudSec could be better at showing dashboards for virtual firewalls and appliances. Compared to other ...

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Turbonomic, VMTurbo Operations Manager
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