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What is Cognizant AI & Analytics?

Data created by customers through their online behavior and interactions allow companies to decode customer needs, preferences, sentiments and grievances—and to create more personalized experiences and services with AI data-driven business decisions.
Digital technologies, including analytics and AI, give your company a once-in-a-generation opportunity to perform orders of magnitude better than you ever have before. But you’ll need new business models built from analyzing your customers and business operations at every angle to really understand them.

Knowing their natural behaviors and which moments of their daily lives are most primed to be elevated by technology are key. So too is understanding the data they generate and what it might say about needs they haven’t yet revealed—the kinds of products, services and experiences they value enough to pay for, to choose you for. With the power to apply artificial intelligence and data science to business decisions via enterprise data management solutions and analytics, we help leading companies prototype, refine, validate and scale the most desirable products and delivery models to enterprise scale within weeks.

Cognizant AI & Analytics was previously known as Cognizant AI and Analytics.

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