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What is Blue Yonder RedPrairie Transportation Management?

On the road to profitability, transportation costs can represent a roadblock. It's time to put the JDA Transportation Management System (TMS) in the driver's seat. This powerful solution creates sustainable value by synchronizing all your critical transportation processes - delivering both optimal cost control and excellent service. In an increasingly complex and challenging supply chain environment, JDA TMS has the power to create strategic differentiation and drive profitability. Working in concert with the requirements and constraints across the Intelligent Fulfillment spectrum, JDA TMS will respond with iteratively optimized transportation plans that meet the needs of the business at the lowest possible cost. JDA TMS also has separate inbound and outbound processes and technology and centralized transportation models.

Blue Yonder RedPrairie Transportation Management was previously known as RedPrairie Transportation Management, RedPrairie.

Blue Yonder RedPrairie Transportation Management Customers

Grupo Damm, SPDL, Kimberly-Clark, Ambev, Hershey, LG Electronics

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