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What is Avo Assist?

Avo Assist is a nimble and resilient robotic process automation (RPA) solution that helps users build, design, test, and deploy high-quality digital assistants to automate processes of any size across diverse applications. It enables them to offload the repetitive and mundane tasks and focus on more fulfilling and rewarding parts of their job.

An unstipulated change in the application or business process massively impacts how well an RPA solution works. Avo Assist is built to withstand these changes and perform seamlessly well in any adverse scenario.

Intending to deliver the best of what RPA has to offer, Avo Assist works with our process discovery solution – Avo Discover and test automation solution – Avo Assure. This enables the teams to capture, document, and test digital assistants for maximum resilience and uptime.

Being a low-code platform, Avo Assist is simple to use and easy to learn, enabling users to automate their processes rapidly. It saves them from investing a significant amount of time and effort in learning the RPA tool.

Avo Assist accurately identifies and interprets field-level information using intelligent screen-capture and computer vision. In simpler terms, it mimics the repetitive processes and automates them to create digital assistants.

It is built to perform flawlessly across the web, desktop, mainframe, SAP, and Oracle ERP applications.

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