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What is AlphaTrust PRONTO Server ERSS?
AlphaTrust's PRONTO Enterprise Platform is a proven server-based software solution for managing the entire process of getting documents competed, signed, approved, routed, and stored. PRONTO Enterprise Platform can meet user's document completion, execution, verification, and archiving needs for business documents requiring signature or approval (forms, contracts, documents). The PRONTO Enterprise Platform software runs entirely on a Web server and there is no requirement for end users to install any software or download any Web browser components. Presentation and signing of documents is done using a Web Browser and, optionally, e-mail. Documents are properly signed according to law and regulations and secured using the cryptographic technology. The user's experience is simple point-and-click. Printing, signing, and shipping of signed documents are eliminated along with the significant delays caused by manual, physical routing. PRONTO Enterprise Platform is used to manage online document signing / approval processes. Production applications include: online contracting, human resource documentation, health care documentation, and financial service applications.

AlphaTrust PRONTO Server ERSS was previously known as PRONTO Server ERSS.

AlphaTrust PRONTO Server ERSS Customers
Kroll, Lexis Nexis, Oracle, Paychex, PennWell, Reed Elsevier
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