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Which Oracle product is better - OBIEE or Analytics Cloud?

Why would you choose one over the other?

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Oct 21, 2021

Oracle OBIEE is designed to be relatively easy to set up and has a helpful customer support staff at the ready to assist customers. These are two attributes that make this system quite valuable. OBIEE is a program which is best equipped to serve larger companies that require a more expensive, higher-level, and more versatile type of solution. Companies of the type that seek out Oracle’s OBIEE network are going to want to minimize costs in the setup. Its straightforwardness is definitely something that large organizations are going to insist upon in such an important aspect of their business. Once that has been achieved, it would be in their best interests to have a dedicated team to help troubleshoot problems should it be necessary. Even though the support team is a separate cost. their quality of service may well be worth it. They work quickly and are able to tackle most problems that arise.

OBIEE has a high level of flexibility because it can operate on the cloud. Additionally, it is relatively user-friendly. There are fewer log-in requirements in place here than there are with other similar systems. This allows for users to have greater ease of access to the system at all times. Manipulation of the system can be done with a certain ease that may not necessarily be true of something like Oracle’s Analytics Cloud. Users have the ability to create new dashboards for monitoring data without a high level of hassle. It is significant that this system can be wielded so easily.

Oracle’s Analytics Cloud possesses many tools and dashboards that aid in the analysis of business-related data. Couple this with its affordability and Oracle’s Analytics Cloud is an excellent system. However, the program’s interfaces require improvement. Additionally, Analytics Cloud lacks built-in memory operations like cookies, which can make using it a bit more difficult.


If you are a large company with a budget to match, then OBIEE will probably be a better choice for you than Analytics Cloud. However, overall Analytics Cloud offers an excellent program for a lesser cost than OBIEE. I would say that Analytics Cloud is the more easily accessible and useful product for the majority of companies.

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Content Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
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Oracle OBIEE is great in allowing design and creativity per the individual needs of the organization. Dashboards are fully customizable and very user-friendly. This solution is very stable. Oracle OBIEE offers user security, data security, and many other security options. OBIEE also has a machine learning option, which is very good. OBIEE works best for very large organizations. Microsoft BI is easy to learn, very user-friendly and stable, and integrates well with everything in the Microsoft ecosystem. This solution offers many different licensing options and the technical support is very good. It is a very good solution for teaching and training and works great integrating with Excel. Oracle OBIEE implementation and deployment can be confusing, requiring technical expertise and experience to manage. The pricing model is expensive and it is not a cost-effective solution for smaller enterprises. There also seems to be a lot of redundancy with regard to creating the necessary code to make things run smoothly. This solution should be more intuitive and less complex. Scalability could also be easier. With Microsoft BI, design and visualization seems a bit limited. They should offer better licensing options with more flexibility for various unique client needs, especially with smaller enterprises. Moving to the cloud makes licensing needs even more challenging to figure out and to choose the best option. Support could be better in explaining how issues were resolved and what steps were taken to resolve them. Conclusion Oracle OBIEE is very user-friendly and offers customizable dashboards. The visualization is very good and they offer AI with good forecasting options and machine learning. This is a great solution for large-scale enterprises. Microsoft BI is a good option for smaller-scale enterprises and, of course, works great with everything within the Microsoft ecosystem. It is a great option for the less tech-savvy user.
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When comparing Power BI with OBIEE, it is evident that OBIEE emerges as the winner in the data management aspect, while Power BI scores drastically above OBIEE in the self-service and data visualization aspects.  Power BI and OBIEE make a strong pair in the Analytics landscape by complementing the weaknesses of one with the strengths of the other! Therefore, it is good to leverage the best of both OBIEE and Power BI, by connecting them seamlessly and securely through BI Connector.
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