What Is The Biggest Difference Between UiPath And Automation Anywhere?

One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is UiPath vs Automation Anywhere.

People like you are trying to decide which one is best for their company. Can you help them out?

What is the biggest difference between UiPath and Automation Anywhere? Which of these two solutions would you recommend to a colleague evaluating RPA solutions and why? 

Thanks for helping your peers make the best decision!

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it_user989922 - PeerSpot reviewer
Consulting Practice Director- Digital Transformation & Medical Devices at KPIT Technologies
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Jan 17, 2019

Real-time RPA analytics built into Automation Anywhere, along with IQ BOTS and Metabots is an interesting feature.

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IT Lead at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
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Jan 16, 2019

There is no dearth of tech comparisons on the internet and both tech offerings will work with 95% of use cases in an identical manner. I'll share my personal perspective, keeping it non-technical focused.

1. The UI itself. If VB style interface is your thing, go for UiPath. It was the first thing that turned me off.
2. Cost of entry: very low for UiPath, owing to some really smart and enticing entry-level packaging. Run cost may, however, be the same or more. AA doesn't make it as enticing.
3. Greater code level access and control of bots using AA is a big plus.
4. UiPath will bend backward to meet a client's need- double thumbs up! AA because of its market superiority cannot come to imagine themselves needing to defend their marketing position.
5. AA is advancing itself at a very rapid pace- some very nice changes. But the gap is closing, not fast enough though. Recently AA launched support for mobile phones to manage bots.
6. Buying as a direct seller or working via a reseller, limits your options to negotiate terms with AA, severely.

reviewer1002627 - PeerSpot reviewer
User with 51-200 employees
May 17, 2019

I am using the both tools. Both have more advantages and bit of disadvantages. But I would like to suggest more the UiPath because it is more flexible than AA. Here I delight to first reasoning what flexible means, If you want to create your own custom library of activity (in AA called Commands), workflow and snippets it is possible in UiPath and you can post those on the Go or Connect. Others are able to use it as well if it is posted as Open Licences (MIT).

Automation Anywhere is giving more scripting advantage whereas the UiPath is giving more visual treat, that means Lets take an simple example in the perspective of both developer and analyst , If you want to print "Hello World" , You should take Message Box activity in UiPath that is seems to be a box kind or Graphical User Interface!, that you are able to see. whereas in Automation anywhere, you are selecting the almost same command but it looks like a line of code or kind of script.

There are plenty of other differences between them as well.

Sr Managing Consultant at Abacus Consulting
Jan 17, 2019

Automation Anywhere is a propriety solution of IBM. It is based on conventional software development and does not support a lot of plugin based architecture. Whereas the UiPath is a plugin based architecture where you can create your own automation plugins and use within UiPath to solve different problems. Moreover learning curve of UiPath is very less as compared to Automation Anywhere.

it_user982962 - PeerSpot reviewer
Lead Architect, Business Architecture & Innovation, Road IT at a logistics company with 10,001+ employees
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Jan 17, 2019

Well - it is quite simple in my world to compare UiPath and Automation Anywhere (AA):

1: There is not any functional difference in what use cases that can be solved - only the method to do so.
2: There is a huge difference in the license model where UiPath will require a separate license for your Front Office users. This will make the license cost for UiPath much more expensive over time.
3: Support and License wise you are forced to work with 3rd parties with AA as you cannot connect directly with AA. A big minus.
4: UiPath looks on the developer GUI much more Microsoft alike as the founders are coming from there. This gives more recognition from new developers.
5: For all RPA - it is a developer tool so don’t let you be convinced that any end user can do complex use cases. If you want they can do simple front office tasks - but here you need to be concerned on governance, support volume and license cost.

Analista de processos V at a recruiting/HR firm
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Jan 17, 2019

I particularly do not know about Automation Anywhere, but a great differential of UiPath is 100% free training, the community is always willing to help.
Every time we needed the support they were ready to help.

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Aug 15, 2023
Hello community,  I am an Associate Test Engineer at a large Tech Vendor. I am currently researching both UiPath and Ranorex. Which solution do you prefer and why? Can you please provide a comparison between the two solutions? Thank you for your help.
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President and Chief Architect at ECSA International Ltd
Aug 15, 2023
Little background about my company so you understand my answer. We are an 'as a Service' company that designs, builds, implements, monitors, maintains Bots and AI for the SMB marketplace. We provide this to SMBs because they typically can't afford a platform like UiPath. Now, to your question. What you are talking about with regards to UiPath vs Ranorex is basically comparing apples to oranges. UiPath is a RPA solution (Robotic Process Automation) that is used in any area. It can be used in the Accounting department to consolidate AR and AP, it can be used in a business's core business (eg. I know an insurance company that is using an RPA solution to automate Claims Adjustments), and it can be used in Sales and Marketing. Ranorex is an automation solution that has a very specific purpose - automation of testing of applications after compilation. So, two different tools, one that is general purpose process automation and one that is focused specifically on test automation. I don't know the pricing of Ranorex but UiPath is quite pricey (get your own quotes but the base platform is something like $75K and then the bots have a monthly licensing fee of $1500 - $2000 (to give a comparison, our offering is a setup fee per bot of$5000 and a monthly monitoring/management fee of $500 - $1500 which has us monitoring the bot in case it breaks or needs to be updated). So keep in mind what you want to do and what type of pricing you want to deal with. Oh, and FYI, UiPath is considered the leader in the Automation space from a platform point of view.
Senior Software Engineer at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees
Dec 3, 2022
Hi PeerSpot users, We had a customer who has been using colonies for process mining. They are interested in long-term prices with UiPath. But first, they would like to do some experiments.  Can UiPath support the SaaS model as other competitors do? Thanks for your help!
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Senior Project Manager (Robotic Process Automation) at Hexaware Technologies Limited
Aug 25, 2022
Hi @TaoLin, UiPath does support the SaaS model. Please go through the below link:  uipath-process-mining-saas-overview Regards, Amol
Rajesh Hegde - PeerSpot reviewer
Vice President International Business at conneqt
Dec 3, 2022
Yes, UiPath does support the same. 
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Shibu Babuchandran - PeerSpot reviewer
Regional Manager/ Service Delivery Manager at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
Oct 7, 2021
Hi @Willem De Jongh ​, That's great information, yes pay as use is the future which will cut down the operational cost .
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