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How do I choose between UiPath and Microsoft Power Automate?

What is the bottom line?

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I could see some points being covered in the previous reply. 

In my opinion, I would go with a solution that meets my needs. If it is plain and simple RPA and you have office 365 it is okay to try with Power Automate and decide. 

If there is complex processing involved, I would prefer trying both solutions to make the decision. 

UiPath is obviously much more mature. In my opinion, Power Automate may have a simple drag and drop for Microsoft products but getting that work with other than Microsoft products may need more skills compared to UiPath. 

I may be wrong as I'm not a practitioner of either one of the platforms. 

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It depends on your infrastructure and on the kind of projects you are looking to Automate.

If most of the process within your organisation heavily rely on the microsoft eco sysytems and are not too complex in terms of steps, then the easiest and the best solution to use for automation would be Microsoft Power Automate. The key thing here is that at least 50% of the steps need to be using MS excel, word,outlook or office 365 apps in some way to achieve the end results.

However, if your processes requires the use of multiple applications both native (desktop based) or online , then the best automation solution would be UiPath. This product excels at GUI based automations, Citrix based automations and also provides you with a lot of flexibility in incorporating other solutions

Bottom line.. for small/medium complexity solutions which use microsoft eco-system , its MS power automate.

Else UiPath would be a better choice in all other scenarios

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If you have a hammer, everything is a nail...

That is why we often see RPA developers talking about their used RPA solutions like there is nothing better on the market...

If you really want to know, which solution fits best into your automation strategy, ask the companies that used your suggested solutions and maybe switched to a completely different one, for good reasons, because this will reveal the real pros and cons.

If you are interested, I can provide you the contact to a project manager in the RPA space at one of the big 4 companies and he might provide you a "look behind the curtain" of what they now use, even though they already partnered with the so-called big RPA players before...

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