What is the best security web gateway?

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May 12, 2022

When I compared various secure web gateway tools, I found Cisco Umbrella cybersecurity platform and Zscaler Internet Access security service edge (SSE) platform to be the most effective secure web gateway tools currently available on the market.

One of the things that I initially noticed about Cisco Umbrella was how it leverages a team of dedicated threat researchers, statistical, and machine learning models to identify both current and potential threats. It allows administrators to stop them before they can successfully harm a user’s network. Cisco Umbrella’s research team, statistical, and machine learning models draw from a wealth of sources to learn from internet activity patterns how to spot threat warning signs. They also employ real-time domain name system (DNS) data from across the internet. This data helps them spot anomalies that give them insights into the existing and developing threats. Once it has learned about these threats, the program will automatically and perpetually stop them from penetrating a user’s system. Cisco Umbrella has the power to not only block more than one hundred and seventy million potentially dangerous queries every day, but it can enable users to discover hundreds of new threats and vulnerabilities every year.

Two other incredible aspects of Cisco Umbrella cybersecurity platform are its security and its API integration capabilities. Cisco Umbrella makes it easy for users to combine its protective power and intelligence features with other services and solutions in order to align it with their needs. Administrators gain the ability to both customize the security policies that keep their systems safe and ensure that these policies run everywhere. With the help of other solutions, these policies can be enforced both on and off network. Additionally, Cisco Umbrella’s investigative API captures the alerts that warn administrators of threats. They then provide contextual information for each of the alerts. This makes it easy for users to do a triage and determine the order that they will use to address issues. This integration keeps users from devoting a serious amount of time and resources to solve issues that are relatively minor.

A major advantage that Zscaler Internet Access’s security service edge platform offers us is its ability to utilize AI software to safeguard our applications. It employs AI-powered threat intelligence, traffic analysis, and URL filtering. These AI-powered features enable administrators to keep a close eye on everything that enters or attempts to enter our applications. The AI analyzes, filters, and conducts threat assessments in real time. Zscaler Internet Access goes a long way in preventing even the most sophisticated threats from harming us. It puts a suite of AI-powered protective features in the hands of its users.

The solution gives us the ability to work securely from anywhere in the world. It secures applications that are running both remotely and on servers in an office. Administrators can uniformly enforce security protocols anywhere in the world. This consistent security enables businesses who work both on a hybrid or even a completely remote model to continue to securely conduct business. They can maintain a high level of productivity without sacrificing the security of their systems.

Ultimately, either of these two solutions will empower you to manage and secure your applications in the most effective ways possible.

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May 10, 2022

That is a really incomplete question. 

What is being protected? what is the perceived threat? what is the value of the assets to be protected? what is the expertise available to manage the system, etc., etc? 

There is no correct answer without context.

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