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What is the best customer onboarding software to work with Temenos T24 (an integrated core banking solution)?

Hi peers,

I work as a Process Engineering Manager at a Logistics company with 10K+ employees.

I'd like to get a 360 view of my customer and make a fast onboarding procedure for the bank clients using either KYC or CRM. This onboarding SW should work well with Temenos T24 (an integrated core banking solution).

Which solution that fits my requirements would you recommend for customer onboarding?

I appreciate the help!

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35 Answers

Willem Lambrechts - PeerSpot reviewer
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Hi @Ahmed Essam

We are building a new digital marketplace called Byrssa. We decided to decouple front from back by using 

The cinchy platform makes the integration of systems obsolete. In your case, that means that you are entirely free to choose the best fitting CRM, not from a technical but from a business perspective. 

Justin Dillow - PeerSpot reviewerJustin Dillow
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@Willem Lambrechts you mean your middleware makes direct integration obsolete… that is kind of the point of middleware.

Willem Lambrechts - PeerSpot reviewerWillem Lambrechts
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@Justin Dillow agree, but this is the only platform, from our perspective, that makes it so quick and easy, with no coding.

Justin Dillow - PeerSpot reviewer
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@Ahmed Essam

Wouldnt you just use Temenos infinity?

Omair Bokhari - PeerSpot reviewer
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Hello @Ahmed Essam,

We are using a cloud-based solution for the onboarding of our employees. 

It is designed beautifully and I like its interface and quick deployment ability. It is totally user-defined and can be settled in any onboarding process, to my experience and understanding. 

If you are interested, you can message me here (or connect with Mr. Adnan Shakoor at +923334510907).

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