What is adhoc testing?

How is adhoc testing used in software testing?

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  1. What is Adhoc Testing

When a software testing performed without proper planning and documentation, it is said to be Adhoc Testing.

Adhoc methods are the least formal type of testing as it is NOT a structured approach. Ad hoc Testing does not follow any structured way of testing and it is randomly done on any part of the application. AD HOC TESTING, also known as Random Testing or Monkey Testing

2. Why Adhoc Testing used?

Adhoc testing can be performed when there is limited time to do exhaustive testing. Adhoc testing can be done at any point in time whether it’s beginning, middle, or end of the project testing. This testing can also be done when the time is very limited and detailed testing is required. However, this testing can be done only when the testers are having complete knowledge of the product.

3. Advantages:-

  • It is able to identify any errors that would usually go unnoticed during formal testing methods. This saves time sometimes.

  • Testers get to explore the application freely, according to their own knowledge and understanding of the application. This helps in identifying more defects that go unnoticed in Test Cases.

  • Ad-hoc testing can find holes in your test strategy.

  • If testing occurs very late in the development cycle, this will be the only kind of testing that can be performed.

4. Disadvantages:-

  • In Adhoc Testing actual testing process is not documented since it does not follow a particular test case. So, sometimes it gets difficult to reproduce the scenarios.

  • Ad hoc testing also does not guarantee that all errors will be found. The success of ad hoc testing relies on the skill and knowledge of the tester.

  • It can only be done by experienced resources with proper knowledge of requirement.

  • The amount of time, effort and resources that go into these tests remains unspecified. Finding one error could take anything from a few minutes to a few hours or longer.


Ad hoc testing does not require elaborate planning, documentation, and test-case designs. Instead, it saves time due to its ad hoc nature, and by selecting testers who are creative and have prior knowledge of the application’s functionality. This testing can help find more defects than planned testing.

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