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Comparison Data for MBTech ProveTech?

it_user421971 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Do you have any Test Management Tool Comparison data for MBTech ProveTech?

Also, the availability of any interface or integration between MBTech ProveTech and IBM Rational Quality Manager, if you are aware of any?

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it_user326337 - PeerSpot reviewer

great comparison, Sudha. Very helpful.

it_user417252 - PeerSpot reviewer

Do you have any Test Management Tool Comparison data for MBTech ProveTech?
- JMeter, WAPT, IBM Rational and HP Loadrunner, can it be compared?
Also, the availability of any interface or integration between MBTech ProveTech and IBM Rational Quality Manager, if you are aware of any?

- maybe only WAPT and IBM Rational Performance Tester

it_user370953 - PeerSpot reviewer

When I did my project work in school we used IBM Rational Quality Manager. I can´t say that I have a big experience of the tool but i can come with a little input. The good thing about it is that is has many features and it´s very detailed. It is also the bad thing about the tool…to many features. I felt it was a bit to hard to learn and there was so many things that you had to have in mind to get something out of it. I must say that it was a bit user Unfriendly because it was so complicated. But if you get some time to learn the tool, it could probably serve you well.

I have´t used MBTech Prove tech so i can´t say so much about it. When I did my internship at an insurance company I used TFS and I felt that it was a bit easier to undertand/handle then IBM RQM. Not so many features but good enough.

Adam Sandman - PeerSpot reviewer

I don't have a comparison with MB Prove Tech, but I do have a comparison between IBM Rational Functional Manager and other tools:

it_user108402 - PeerSpot reviewer

No I have no comparison data. RQM and all of the jazz based tools integrate with a standard integration API.

Please read more;

If you want to know more about RQM I'm pleased to help.

it_user335340 - PeerSpot reviewer

I have not used MBTech Prove Tech. However, MBTech Prove Tech is a developers tool rather than a QA tool if you want to use it as a QA. Here is the details of MBTech Prove Tech and IBM Rational Quality Manager.

MBTech Prove:
Software for testing – from experience for practice, This is a developers tool.
PROVEtech:TA is an operational software, developed in practice by the MBtech
Group, for the control and automation of test systems. It allows the user to
interactively set and measure all relevant state variables of a test system.
Visualized Test Management
PROVEtech:TA offers a friendly user-interface as well as database support for the
execution of typical test management tasks such as the administration of test
libraries, test suites and test results. With a wide variety of control and display
elements PROVEtech:TA facilitates access to the signals needed for test
scenarios. The user can set, for instance, the gas pedal position then measure
the resultant vehicle speed. Easily :
Testing from A-Z – the application range
PROVEtech:TA is a universally applicable tool for test automation - from the early
development phase, through the complete development process till the current
production engineering:
Model-in-the-Loop (MiL): Testing of ECU models
Software-in-the-Loop (SiL): Testing of the ECU software, before the ECU is
actually existing
Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) in component testing: Testing of a single ECU
Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) in integration testing: Testing of several ECUs at
On-Board-Test, e.g. in the vehicle
Testing during current production engineering
Testing in after-sales product analysis processes

IBM Rational Quality Manager:
This is a quality management tool to use for Quality Analysts.
Test Plan: A document detailing a systematic approach to testing a system.
Test Case: a set of conditions or variables under which a tester will determine whether an application or software system is working correctly or not.
Test Script: a set of instructions that will be performed on the system under test to test that the system functions as expected.
Test Environment: a setup of software and hardware on which the testing team is going to perform the testing of the software product.
Defect: is a condition in a software product which does not meet a software requirement or end-user expectations.
The functions includes:
Comprehensive test plans
 Process awareness
 Reporting with a purpose
 Quicker manual testing
 Simplified lab management
 Requirements driven testing

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