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What are the biggest benefits of using SAP HANA?

What are the greatest benefits you have seen at your company?

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Deena Nouril - PeerSpot reviewer
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Dec 18, 2022

Based on my work with SAP HANA, the biggest benefit that it can bring to your business is total data management. This product is by SAP - a company that serves almost all needs a client may have connected with data. And this product in particular brings you database administration, through which you can monitor and optimize your data while keeping it safe and available at all times. Another advantage of the product is the related services that come with it, like the SAP HANA Cloud, for example. When you use SAP HANA, you do not have to seek third-party vendors - you get everything from one company. This can lower your costs as well as giving you two products that work together well - since they were made to do exactly that.

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Dec 18, 2022

For me, SAP HANA has several benefits:

  • Speed

  • Scale

  • Flexibility

Because of the way the solution stores data, it can resolve queries within seconds, even when it comes to large-scale applications. The product is very scalable, as it allows organizations to continue utilizing it while they expand and grow, as well as to manage big data very well. Lastly, it is beneficial because it is flexible - you can deploy on premises and on public or private clouds, and not lose functionality. The advantages of the product that I have mentioned have helped my organization organize and manage data better and improve work practices.

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