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A recent reviewer wrote that Rackspace has room for improvement. Which components do you think need improvement?

He wrote: "It would be a bonus if they could automatically move around virtual machines in a clustered environment. We've had several problems where another host on a shared machine is getting a denial of service or overloading the server." Have you had that experience? What changes would you make to this product if you could?

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I agree, they really need to work on the implementation of vmotion between the hosts, maybe as a feature of openstack nova-evacuate module.
Another thing they should have are heat templates oriented to PaaS solutions, not all the customers want to pay for managed services.

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So, this is actually timely as both AWS and Rackspace do not have “Live Migration”. Only VMWare and Google have this. Live Migration is the feature that would allow instances to migrate from poorly performing VMs to healthier ones

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