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What is LizardFS?

Software Defined Storage LizardFS is a distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant and highly available file system. It allows users to combine disk space located on many servers into a single name space which is visible on Unix-like and Windows systems in the same way as other file systems. SDS LizardFS makes files secure by keeping all the data in many replicas spread over available servers. It can also be used to build space-efficient storage, because it is designed to run on commodity hardware. Disk and server failures are handled transparently without any downtime or loss of data. If storage requirements grow, it's possible to scale an existing SDS LizardFS installation just by adding new servers _ at any time, without any downtime. The system will automatically move some data to newly added servers, because it continuously takes care of balancing disk usage across all connected nodes. Removing servers is just as easy as adding a new one.

LizardFS Customers

Orange Polska, Platige Image, United State Department of Agriculture, Virtu Financial

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