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What is Cavisson NetStorm?

Cavisson NetStorm is a powerful load testing solution that is designed to enable application developers to greatly improve the way their applications function. It employs advanced software that enables it to perform many different tasks. This flexibility gives administrators the ability to test their applications in the way that best meets their needs. Cavisson NetStorm offers users the ability to scale their testing environments. These aspects of the solution are only a couple of the reasons that this platform is the load testing tool of choice of several fortune 100 corporations.

Cavisson NetStorm Benefits

Some of the ways that organizations can benefit by deploying Cavisson NetStorm include:

  • Cost-effectiveness. Cavisson NetStorm is a cost-effective solution that is well worth the price. The wealth of features and the sort of tasks that Cavisson NetStorm can be employed to accomplish make it possible for organizations to create products that perform at peak effectiveness. It starts with a free trial that becomes a quote-based price.
  • Ease of use. Cavisson NetStorm is intuitive to use so that organizations do not need to formally train employees in its use. Its design saves developers time and makes organizations more productive.
  • High level of stability. Cavisson NetStorm users don’t need to be concerned that it will crash or suffer other performance-related issues when it handles large test loads. It is extremely stable and can easily handle heavy workloads without suffering from an outage. Administrators can let the solution do its work while maintaining peace of mind.
  • Gain deep insights into application behaviors. Administrators can leverage Cavisson NetStorm’s monitoring features to observe many different aspects of the application testing process. One such aspect is the way that the applications behave when they are exposed to certain environment types. Users can obtain in-depth insights as the tests run that will help them understand how their applications function in specific situations.

Cavisson NetStorm Features

Some of the many useful features Cavisson NetStorm has to offer include:

  • Diagnostic alert capabilities. Cavisson NetStorm allows users to create diagnostic warnings prior to the commencement of testing. These alerts warn users when deviations from their pre-set testing parameters are taking place. If the application is behaving in a way that is abnormal, these alerts will make sure that administrators are aware of what is going on.
  • Test result reporting tools. Cavisson NetStorm offers administrators the ability to create test result reports that can clearly lay out information belonging to a number of different categories. It has prefabricated reporting templates that enable users to illustrate the kinds of information that is most important to them.
  • Testing dashboards. Cavisson NetStorm comes with a central dashboard that can visually lay out various testing metrics for administrators to view. It also includes dashboards that enable users to view technical or business-related data exclusively.
  • Performance analysis. Cavisson NetStorm can analyze how specific components of the application are impacting its overall performance. If there is any portion that is negatively impacting its performance, Cavisson NetStorm’s analytical tools will find them so that administrators can remedy the problem.
Cavisson NetStorm Customers

Oracle, Macy's, Redbox,, Pronto Networks, A10 Networks, Renesas, San Jose Medical Group

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Buyer's Guide
Download our free Load Testing Tools Report and find out what your peers are saying about Cavisson, Apache, Micro Focus, and more!
Updated: September 2022
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Buyer's Guide
Download our free Load Testing Tools Report and find out what your peers are saying about Cavisson, Apache, Micro Focus, and more!