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What is Carpathia IaaS Cloud?

As technology advances, assets depreciate, and business demands a more nimble infrastructure, IT leaders are turning to the cloud for answers. At QTS, we understand moving compute and storage resources to the cloud is a strategic decision requiring elements of clairvoyance, you’ll be heavily scrutinized for over purchasing capacity.

Basic cloud decisions are simple: Native web and business support applications are great for the public cloud, whereas high performance databases and applications with sensitive data might require a dedicated infrastructure. But, it’s not about what makes sense for “companies like you” it’s about what makes sense for the specific pressures you’re under. At QTS, we provide the technical information and business justification for the solutions you need to get you where you want to go.

Carpathia IaaS Cloud Customers

Proofpoint, Veraction, Ideamatics, Metrolink, Ampcus, Hypori, Evariant, StarCompliance, Accelera, Egnyte, GovDelivery, Spotify, Kobo, Duke Human Vaccine Institute, Mocean Mobile, Altiscale, Gilt, InMobi

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