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When evaluating Cloud Monitoring Software, what aspects do you think are the most important to look for?

Ariel Lindenfeld - PeerSpot reviewer
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reviewer908148 - PeerSpot reviewer

There are few dimensions to consider such as 1. What protocols it can support - ICMP, SNMP, SSH/WinRM etc as well how easy it is to support new protocols like Bacnet, ModBus etc and 2. Device types it can support - apps, infra, servers, containers, IoT etc and 3. Can it support both on-prem and public cloud services 4. How easy it is create custom reports and 5. Ability to integrate with other systems that may be providing specific monitoring services (e.g. telco equipment)

Monitor Jimmy - PeerSpot reviewer

Most Cloud based monitoring systems can only monitor servers from the "outside". If the monitoring system can monitor components on your LAN (local area network), you can imediately put this system in the "Passed check 1 - list".

Is the system flexible and allow you to use 3rd party sensors and/or your own sensors?

If the system is in the cloud, then there could be mechanisms that make it possible for IT operationals to log in once and control all the companies they work for. An IT company that monitors multiple large corporations, might need to switch the organization they control/monitor. Does the monitoring system support that? Actually on this point, the only cloud based monitoring system I have tested, where the developer has thought of this, is Probeturion at In probeturion an IT operational can monitor as many organizations he needs to. Organizations/companies can invite IT operationals to have access to their monitoring environment and give them limited access to do what they need to work with. It is possible to give a person rights to only view dashboards for example. IT operationals can switch between the organizations they have access to in a tap on a tablet or a mouseclick on a computer.

Dashboards are important. How do the monitoring system display the probed data? What data do you want your IT professionals to see or easy notice? Find a system where the dashboard or dashboards feels good to you or your people.

Is this a true cloud system or a system that has been ported from a server system to cloud. PRTG is an example of a system that is not true cloud, they put their existing system on a cloud system. Therefore they can never take advantage of the same things as a true cloud system. They need one virtual server for each customer.

When it comes to cloud, security is of importance. Do they mention anything about security in their FAQ section or any other places on their website?

Price is important. Some systems are open source, but I have yet to see a successful IT infrastructure monitoring system coming out of an open source community. Many organizations have lost a lot of time and money by using a huge number of man-hours implementing a "free" monitoring system.

Does the monitoring system interfere with your existing systems? A good monitoring system should be easy to implement and easy to uninstall.

Do they offer a free trial or free versions? If so, test it. Try to get a feel of it. I have tested systems that was very easy to understand, then, when the feature requests come from the management, things got worse. Give some time, see if the owners of the system deliver good support. If you do not understand immediately what to do, try to ask them specific questions on how to do what you need to have done. Try to think worst case monitoring and see how fast and precisely they answer you.

ClaudioSilva - PeerSpot reviewer

“The control points turn out to be specific to each scenario.
For example, we have a flight time display service on the site, and if you have any divergence from the correct time, we removed the page from the air.
For us, the incorrect information is much worse than no information.”

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