What questions do you need to ask when choosing a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution?

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Feb 28, 2022

Is your solution access-centric or data-first? 

Is your solution cloud, on-prem, or hybrid deployment model?  

You need to evaluate how you will use a SASE solution and if it would even fit your current work environment. 

Where do your applications reside today? 

Do you control internet/cloud security for your remote workers? 

How will you support and sustain WFH? 

How will you secure access to internal, private apps, ...? 

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Mar 1, 2022

What kind of SASE use cases can be supported (from WFH over small offices/branches up to HQ and DataCenter and secure access to Internet for www, cloud IaaS and SaaS, other sites of my network and private apps on my data center which or not cloud-enabled)?

Do I still have access to private data center from all sites incl. WFH with only a client on a device?

When you look for an integrated solution SDWAN & SASE - is the solution providing me a single view and just one customer support system (to ensure simplicity when it comes to holistic enterprise networking for operations)?

Is the solution platform based and a managed service with all pre-tested (to ensure high quality and reliability) or a tailor-made project where everything needs to be designed, configured and tested?

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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
SASE is a new approach to network security that converges network and security capabilities into a single, cloud-delivered service. SASE provides a number of benefits over traditional network security solutions.
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