What needs improvement with SentinelOne Singularity?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with SentinelOne Singularity.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

Julia Miller - PeerSpot reviewer
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Tallis Newkirk - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO/Team Lead at Intech Computer Solutions
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Feb 2, 2023

In terms of improvement, the documentation could be better. I would also like to see SingularityOne compatibility with Huntress, and the tighter integration between them would bring more to the table.

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ShashikaKodikara - PeerSpot reviewer
Head of Cybersecurity at Technovage Solution
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Jan 18, 2023

The solution can be improved by ensuring threats are being mitigated on the platform autonomously and by considering introducing an on-premises solution with affordable pricing for government institutions. There is not much focus on the on-premise solution as the license cap is so huge for small and medium-sized institutions.

Technical Team Lead at Alepo
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Nov 9, 2022

They need to improve how we install the software. For the agent of SentinelOne in the endpoint, it's not an automated process. We have to download it and then upload it on the endpoint. That is something that can be made simple. The uploading of the software in the endpoint, if that can be done publicly, would be great. The setup should be available publicly. The agent installation should all be done in the cloud.

Senior Manager INFOSEC AND Risk ASSESSMENT Engineering at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
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Oct 17, 2022

The training for SentinelOne Singularity should be free. The solution has a lot of features but we do not know how to use them all. The moment someone purchases the solution they should contact them and provide them with a feature session on how to use the features. When we connect the solution to our patch management system they should explain to us how to do it. Additionally, it should be notifying me what patch is missing in my system.

Senioor Engineer of System and Security at Connex Information Technologies
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Oct 10, 2022

I would like to see category-based web filtering.

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