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What needs improvement with Microsoft Parallel Data Warehouse?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Microsoft Parallel Data Warehouse.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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Sekhar Minna - PeerSpot reviewer
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I'd like to connect something like ES that I can use on objects on our SQL Server. We'd like to be able to understand how to export data to something like Semantic Technologies or like Graph DB. Some sort of easy export functionality would be a useful addition to the product. The solution should offer better integration capabilities with other tools and languages. For different deployment, companies may use different scripts. Sometimes we use SQL server data tools, however, sometimes we don't and it's not fast enough. There could be a bit of improvement in that regard. We find the cost of the solution to be a little high.

reviewer1352403 - PeerSpot reviewer
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I think that building better data protection and a business intelligence layer over the SQL would be great and improve the product. If they could make it more like what Oracle in that way it would be good. We have to take the time and resources to build our own business intelligence when other products already incorporate such solutions. If they could make it more user-friendly for business users it would be a more desirable product. Add a business intelligence layer that is user friendly and the user-base can grow. I think they should also add a machine learning engine. This is one of the most important features of newer technologies that they currently do not have.

Mohammed  Sleem - PeerSpot reviewer
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The setup has room for improvement. Some customers want to go to non-Windows Servers. Have the entire SQL Server done there though is an obstacle for us, as the configuration of Microsoft BI with cubes is a bit complicated. I would like the integration to be offered in a simpler way. I would like improvement in the integration between Microsoft SQL cubes and Parallel Data Warehouse with other members of the Microsoft family, such as Microsoft Power BI and SharePoint. This tool needs a lot of memory for processing. As it does a lot of jobs, it may need this memory while other tools don't need that much. It would help if they enhanced the memory and hardware usage of the tool in order to support the performance of doing the queries I would like the tool to support different operating systems. I want a dashboard.

PALAKSURI - PeerSpot reviewer
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If the database is large with a lot of columns then it is difficult to clean the data.

Subrata Maity - PeerSpot reviewer
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I don't have any recommendations for new features at this time.

AnupNair - PeerSpot reviewer

This solution would be improved with an option for in-memory data analysis. Scalability can be improved because there are other tools that perform better with very large datasets.

reviewer1038354 - PeerSpot reviewer
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The initial setup of this solution is complex and can be improved. Sometimes you need to re-run the reports because they don't work. The reporting for certain types of data needs to be improved.

ClaudeChan - PeerSpot reviewer
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I would like to see better visualization features. A stateless update functionality for the forms may help. Without this, you have to perform updates manually using the drop-down menu. The user interface should be more user-friendly.

Mukul-Jain - PeerSpot reviewer
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I think that the error messages need to be made more specific. Recently, I was working with a large amount of data, and I received a runtime error. I had to solve it by running the query several times, removing data each time. If the error messages were less ambiguous then it would have helped.

Elham-Gharegozloo - PeerSpot reviewer
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More tools to help designers should be included.

reviewer1212726 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Something that needs to improve, is the integration layer itself connecting to other non-Microsoft layers. But I don't know if that can be improved, due to the complexity of the data that they're connecting to. But I think they can maybe look at a way to do incremental updates, as it is slightly different.

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