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What is your primary use case for VxFlex (VxRack FLEX)?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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88 Answers

MoamenMorad - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

The solution is very simple, and not critical. We use it primarily for the Ministry of Electricity for implementing new smart meters in Egypt. It made it easier to handle the billing system.

SitaramPatro - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

We use VxFlex for our banking applications.

KobusRas - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20Reseller

At the end of the day, VxFlex is for all applications. We normally do a sizing. Then we usually look at the sizing and design it according to its outcome. It's also about applications. You can see what application requirements are.

JamesEji - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

We primarily use three or four modules for the city running on a plant.

OlivierHupond - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

I'm an activity manager and work for a company that deals with electrical installations, assisting customers with strategy and IT investments. My job is to be well-acquainted with the various technologies and assist the customer in making the right choices. Options could include hyper-convergence, mass storage, cloud solutions, or big data solutions, those sorts of choices. It's really about explaining the different technologies and options available rather than using them. I'm not an integrator.

reviewer1141533 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

Our primary use case for this solution is hyper-converged. We have a private cloud deployment.

Mohamed Youssef - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5LeaderboardReal User

Our primary use case of this solution is for storage nodes and compute nodes and I like that it is all in one box. It is very effective to use it for our infrastructure.

Ahmed Alaiady - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

I primarily use the solution for cloud applications and cloud services.

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