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What is your primary use case for Amazon RDS?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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VamsiMohan - PeerSpot reviewer
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Amazon RDS is custom development. Some databases that we would like to use are lightweight and simple to integrate with the application.

Naresh Reddy - PeerSpot reviewer
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It's very useful to save customer's data in a secure manner, we can easily handle all the customer records with encryption mode.

Data Sleek - PeerSpot reviewer
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When I was working for at my previous organization, we wanted to bring stability to all our MySQL databases. As a DBA, at first, it was scary as I thought I would be out of a job, however, the RDS managed DB allowed me to focus more on optimization and less on administration. (both hardware and software). When I was working at another organization we had a large amount of MySQL on-prem to manage. It required lots of time to set them up, monitoring, and maintain them. RDS really allowed us to remove all the painful administration parts.

Eric Sousa - PeerSpot reviewer
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We deployed RDS in our environment, and our use case is so simple. We don't have large-scale use, but we will start using RDS with more users. For now, we deployed it, and we use RDS with only a few users.

reviewer1410678 - PeerSpot reviewer
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It is used for multiple needs. We have a transaction system with multiple databases, such as SQL Server and MySQL.

Agnaldo Carmo - PeerSpot reviewer
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We are using AWS RDS to have a database that we're not using at the moment. I'm not making any changes to the parameter of the database or the configuration of the database on AWS. I just have to open a new port on the map of the network to have a connection to the prepaid network.

reviewer1472997 - PeerSpot reviewer
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This product is used primarily for storing data. The process is you have to reserve RDS space and then you can install any database scheme you want, for example, MariaDB, SQL or Aurora. We typically use Aurora DB.

Gurudeva Kalledevarpurada B - PeerSpot reviewer
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The primary use case is when you have to host your application on the Amazon cloud and your application uses database. Amazon RDS supports the following database engines: Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle Database, and SQL Server database. Amazon provides AWS Database Migration Service to migrate your existing databases to the Amazon cloud. It automates many aspects of database management viz hardware provisioning, database set up, database patching, and backups, which frees your database administrator to focus on important tasks. It also saves on the DB licencing costs.

Sivashankar Rajaram - PeerSpot reviewer
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We have cloud infra and development teams and my job with this solution is to move them to a cloud architecture, so I create a migration plan for Database from on-premises to AWS Cloud , co-ordinate with teams to host the planned RDS solutions and provide support for post cloud hosting challenges for better customer experience.

reviewer963066 - PeerSpot reviewer
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We primarily have many tools, including Jira, that are currently using RDS. It's mainly used by developers.

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