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What gateway do you recommend choosing for a company with 200 employees?

I'm in a search of a Gateway solution for my organization. We have 200 employees and my budget is $400-800. 

I've been checking Citrix Gateway, Aruba Wireless, Ubiquiti, and others. 

What gateway do you recommend choosing for my company (based on the mentioned budget) and why? 

Update: I need just a gateway/router (no VPN). And, possibly, I need a basic firewall, I'm not sure.

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Ivelyn Wan - PeerSpot reviewer

SG-3110, All in One Multi-WAN Security Gateway with PoE, Up to 2 Gigabit WAN Ports, Built-in WLAN Controller, Routing, Load Balancing, IPSec/SSL VPN and DoS Defense Supported

Recommended Users: 300
Price: US$ 419.00

Thomas Van Niekerk - PeerSpot reviewer

It all really depends on your objectives and what you want to achieve.
Is top-level protection against new threats required?
Do you want a basic firewall for your office? 
A gateway for a VPN back to the office?
Do you want simplified admin and updates, with good vendor & post sale support?
What are your objectives?

I would be partial and get all the above, so check out the Entry Models

reviewer1810707 - PeerSpot reviewer

If all networks communicate with each other through switches, they can directly access each other through IP without changing the gateway. However, there may be problems with the access between Internet cafes and companies, and they are not on the same network segment. This needs to be changed.

There is no problem with connecting the switch under the switch, which is also the standard practice.

MichaelFulton - PeerSpot reviewer
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It depends on what you want to accomplish.  

Is this a firewall for your office?  It is a gateway for central VPN to the office?  

What is your end goal?

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