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Over 1 year ago
Getting good Fortinet pricing can be challenging, as it is a top tier vendor. What would greatly assist the general community would be for Fortinet, and also the other vendors to always publish RRP (recommended retail price) on their websites, for all their products.What one…
Over 1 year ago
It all really depends on your objectives and what you want to achieve.Is top-level protection against new threats required?Do you want a basic firewall for your office? A gateway for a VPN back to the office?Do you want simplified admin and updates, with good vendor & post…


Over 1 year ago
Replaced legacy TMG + Cisco WLAN AP's
Replaced old legacy TMG & Cisco WLAN with brand new 5 x Fortinet FortiGates, with HA master/slave, 12 FortiAP's & FortiWeb Virtual

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