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Single project change to multiple projects

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Senior Systems Engineer at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees

We are current customers using Jama for requirements, test cases, defects, and reviews.  Our experience with test cases and reviews has been a bit underwhelming however we also believe we are using Jama incorrectly.  The reason being is we are using a single project model and it's been pointed out the artifact limit is something we will eventually reach using this model.  This is a bit of a broad question but I'm looking for feedback on how others are using Jama and, most importantly, if they began using a single project and needed to change strategy to using multiple projects how it was done.

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Seungwoo, Hello, in your post back in June of 2016 you said you had changed from JAMA to another tools to manage requirements and traceability, just out out of curiosity, what tools was it that replaced JAMA?

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Hi Charley-

We had to adjust a few things to Jama's way of doing things. I used multiple projects and found certain quirks when cross-linking or navigating between related items in different projects. It's gotten much better, but Jama seemed to have a notion of a "current project" in a few places - for one, you can define a filter to apply to "the current project."

In our case the idea was to separate "ownership" of certain item types. Requirements were owned by one team, and test cases owned by another. Using separate projects seemed to fit the approach we used for permissions. We have pulled test cases from multiple project into a single test cycle and that seems to work OK. At times it makes filter-writing a little more complicated.

I think we had one project with on the order of 10k test cases +/- that gave us trouble early on given the SaS deployment we use, but once our server was upgraded I think we were OK.


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You can have two options.

1. We have experience to use JAMA for manage more than 70 projects with Large Telecommunication company in Asia. Before the start, you need to structure of projects hierarchy (it is kind of template). And JAMA support reuse features that you can create item/catalogs from other reusable work items (it is other project requirements).
But most important is how to design hierarchy and structure of multiple projects. It depends on many cases.

2. JAMA has reuse feature, but it is not complete solution for multiple projects (PPM), SAFe and entire traceability (cross projects), configuration & variant management. And we need to unified release dash board based on multiple projects items (xRequirement, xTest Case, xTest Set, xTest Run, xBug, xCR, xTask etc….).
So we decide to change our tool chain (from JAMA to other tool). New tool is

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