IBM InfoSphere Optim vs. Informatica TDM

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Sep 1, 2016

the main advantage TDM over other systems is its ability to create synthetic data, if you compare the other tools against TDM, you will find that they all have masking and some delineations of data, but CA TDM gives you the advantage of generating data apartir a group of key data this is very useful because it will not affect other production data directly, plus the diagramador TDM is very powerful, allowing you to build relationships that even BD does not have, giving new ways to build a data system optimal test I hope this will be helpful answer.

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What is TDM (test data management)? Test Data Management (TDM) refers to the supervision and administration of enterprise architectures, methods and policies to successfully manage the value of the data and information lifecycle in-house or from outside vendor sources. TDM makes use of data sets produced to mimic actual data that is used by systems and applications developers to perform valid and rigorous system tests. True production data cannot be used for testing due to security...
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