CA TDM vs. Delphix TDM

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Oct 19, 2017

reviewer506037 is incorrect in many areas. I recommend looking up Fannie Mae's presentation titled "Where Data Lives in DevOps" or StubHub CIO Marty Boos presenting at the CIO100 conference session "Accelerate IT Innovation with the Power of Liberated Data" for some real world examples of agile, next generation TDM best practices.

The biggest differentiator is that Delphix serves up full production-like data environments for TDM which offers more realistic production testing scenarios vs. synthetic data. Synthetic data results in buggier code that will take you longer and much more money to fix later in production cycles.

Delphix also enables agile resetting capabilities so you can run destructive tests then reset/rewind your data environment yourself (without submitting a ticket and waiting), adjust code and run the test again (and repeat)... So, for example, a tester can execute many more tests (think hundreds per day) with production-like data with Delphix vs. an alternative. Other high value functionalities such as self-service refresh, bookmarking and branching of the data set are also extremely useful for testers and this is not available through the legacy synthetic (static) data alternatives like CA.

Delphix is also endorsed by Gartner as THE ONLY solution that can solve both the data masking (obfuscation) and data distribution challenges. If you need masked test data then again, legacy TDM tools will continue to slow you down whereas Delphix offers fully automated masking that can scale development without putting sensitive data at risk.

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Apr 24, 2017

CA TDM offers most comprehensive and versatile Data Generation/Manipulation capabilities. Delphix does not have Synthetic data generation capabilities to generate missing data sets or automatically support data gaps. Delphix also lacks data visualization and Test case matching, automated data mining/profiling capabilities. CA TDM support multiple data source types including robust Mainframe VSAM, DB2, Copybook support whereas Delphix only supports DB2 calls and limited support on non-DB2 mainframe calls. So if you are looking for a complete TDM solution then CA is good option.

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