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I Need the Best, Robust, and Cost Saving Platform to Implement Finacle.

I need to compare platforms running Linux and AIX in terms of performance and cost as it concerns implementing Finacle banking application. This is for a customer database of about 8 million and database size of about 16TB.

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IBM Power hardware is designed to maximize I/O while still providing flexibility when it comes to virtualization.

When running IBM Power hardware, vs another vendors hardware, the same hardware maintenance costs are involved.

When running on Wintel environments, you have the costs of the hypervisor and software maintenance, then you have the operating and software maintenance costs.

IBM also charge software maintenance, but it covers both the hypervisor (PowerVM) and the operating system (IBM AIX or IBM i).

The application costs on Wintel, can create bill shock for customers, as unless you are using the application vendors cloud service, you will have to license your whole Wintel Cluster - all cores - regardless of if you are using them for the application or not.

IBM PowerVM on the other hand, is certified by all major application vendors so that you only need to license for CPU cores that are allocated to the workload.

So if you have a Wintel cluster with 40 cores and are only using 4 cores for your database, you will still be required to license the database for 40 cores
Whereas, on IBM PowerVM, you can have 40 cores in your cluster, and if you are only allocating 4 cores to the database, you only need to license for 4 cores.

IBM Power hardware is also designed, from the ground up, to cater for enterprise workloads - Its hard to find a bank that doesn't use IBM Power hardware for their backend.
Wintel on the other hand, is commodity hardware, vendors pick and choose the components based on cost and availability, it is not designed in any soft of holistic way.

IBM's PowerVM is an in-hardware hypervisor - the operating systems have the most direct access to the physical components on the system, including CPU, RAM and PCI devices, unlike VMware which abstracts the hardware from the guest operating systems.

IBM Power hardware and software maintenance is more expensive - but there are many benefits - PowerVM has never been hacked - which is why the banks rely on it.

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