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7 months ago
IBM Power hardware is designed to maximize I/O while still providing flexibility when it comes to virtualization. When running IBM Power hardware, vs another vendors hardware, the same hardware maintenance costs are involved. When running on Wintel environments, you have…
7 months ago
The first problem you'll encounter, is that this system is SPARC and runs in big-endian mode, so if you have Oracle DB, you can't simply copy the databases - it will need to be exported and imported into the new system - the Oracle native RMAN backup / restore tool is…
Almost 2 years ago
Answered a question: Why KVM??? Help please!
Small support team, small cluster, low core count, use VMware products Large support team, large clusters with many cores, use KVM. KVM scales better, orchestration better, performs better and supports a wider range of hardware.
About 2 years ago
Answered a question: Why KVM??? Help please!
KVM is just another virtualization manager. But unlike VMware, orchestrating deployment does not require a whole gamete of tools and support systems. KVM can be orchestrated with ssh + a simple script, and there are plenty of opensource management tools if you need GUIs.
About 3 years ago
Virtualbox is great, but like java, and Xen, some time down the track, they will disable features and apply a license fee - once there is a critical mass of users that is. KVM is opensource and a lot of development is done as part of a larger openstack ecosystem, and the…
Almost 4 years ago
Interesting responses. QEMU is the underlying technology for KVM, Xen and Virtualbox. KVM provides accelerators on top of QEMU, and although KVM does not provide the fancy next>next>done GUI of the others, it provides for fine grained tuning, easier cloud orchestration and…