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How much does Microstrategy cost per CPU core?

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I’m evaluating alternatives for our traditional reporting application to serve up scheduled reports to the web. I’m not interested in any cloud based offerings. Can you tell me how much Microstrategy costs per CPU core?

Thanks in advance for your anticipated response.

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MicroStrategy has recently posted their pricing for each of their four product offerings (Web, Mobile, Architect and Server)

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My experience with MicroStrategy pricing is that there is no MSRP and to get pricing you need to get closer to the decision to purchase. However, license cost is a misleading metric. Look at Gartner's Magic Quadrant and see what it says about TCO, and the components of TCO. As an analyst, I appreciate the capability that MicroStrategy places in my hands to create my own reports and analyses, and allowing me to publish them as I see fit. Also of benefit to me as an analyst is MicroStrategy's underlying ROLAP architecture that provides virtually unlimited scalability, if needed. It also makes it easier to adapt to "the analyst as artist" who may not know where their analysis will lead them, but wants to be able to follow leads in real time, even if that means adding new attributes on-the-fly, which is difficult and not an analyst function with the MOLAP-architected tools. I believe that any CFO or CTO would also appreciate the fact that MicroStrategy requires significantly less overhead (i.e., system administrators) per user than its competition. Finally, MicroStrategy offers the capability to download and test drive their tools, so you can get an idea of what it offers based on your own needs.

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We are looking to replace a traditional interactive reporting system that is adequately running on 3 dual core W2K8 R2 servers. I must have a cluster configuration for high availability. Although we have about 800 reports currently in production, there are typically 75 scheduled daily reports that run before start of business each day. The primary function is web based report viewing. Although there are some transient reports that are generated. Typically there are 200-400 concurrent users.

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Mail me your requirement at and I will assist you.

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Differing license models between vendors can make an "apples with apples" comparison very challenging and confusing. Calculating initial license costs on a cost per user basis and building three and five year total license cost scenarios are useful metrics when comparing BI platform vendor license costs. Using three and five year costs should take into consideration maintenance and support fees, and annual increases in maintenance
and support costs over the time period, as well as the cost of test, development and disaster recovery licenses. In the case of CPU pricing, these costs will be in part a function of BI platform scalability (how many CPUs do you need to support your particular concurrent user and workload requirements?).
Figure 3 provides a summary of these metrics by vendor type for the participants in the BI
Platform Magic Quadrant customer survey, as well as for two SaaS vendors, SAP BusinessObjects OnDemand and PivotLink. Vendors were asked to provide their discounted price estimate for a hypothetical 500 user, reporting, ad hoc analysis and dashboarding scenario. On average, most vendors said they incorporated a 30% discount into their pricing quote (although some vendors, such as Oracle, provided list prices only and Gartner applied a 30% discount to be consistent). This discount is conservative based on average discounts revealed in "What's the Real Price of Business Intelligence Software?" which analyzed over 30 contracts
reviewed by Gartner from the past 12 months. Note that SAP provided pricing for SAP BusinessObjects OnDemand, but provided sizing and license model guidance only for its traditional on premises offering. Gartner estimated the SAP BusinessObjects license fee for the 500. User use case based on contract inquiries and Gartner contract research.

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