FortiXDR vs Cortex Pro - which is the best?

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Jan 17, 2022

@KostiantynFrolov, @Zubair Ahmad, @Mantu Shaw, @Gian Michele Roletto,

Can you please share any advice here?

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Mar 10, 2021

Disclosure - I work for a company where we are Partners of Palo Alto Networks.

Hi Augusto,

The answer depends on what you are looking for and your current infrastructure. If you have Fortinet security infrastructure, it will "make sense" to go with them, if you have palo alto firewalls "then" Cortex XDR PRO. 

However, As I am not completely familiar with FortiXDR, I am going to showcase why I will select Cortex XDR PRO:

0- Security: Cortex XDR PRO does really well compared to other endpoint products (NSS labs showed this, not sure what happened to them). Look info at MITRE. 

1- More time and expertise on the XDR market: Cortex XDR was the first XDR platform out there to integrate, endpoint, network and cloud.

2- Integrations with other firewalls: Cortex XDR can integrate checkpoint, fortigate and cisco ASA logs.

3- Licensing model: You can start with EPP (Prevent), PRO for endpoint (EDR + other features), and PRO for network (integrate fw/cloud) using the same cloud platform.

I believe that the best way is to see both product by yourself. Let me know if you are interested to see Cortex XDR PRO, we can schedule a call. We have some clients in Brazil (assuming that based in your title).



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