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Can I get Avamar backup solution alone without data domain storage? 

I am a Senior Chief Engineer at a large enterprise manufacturing company. 

I'd like to know if I can get the Dell EMC Avamar backup solution only, and without data domain storage?

What kind of storage can we use with Avamar as multi-unit storage?


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Avamar system has two logical components: the Avamar Administrator Server which runs on the Utility Node and Avamar Data Server. Your question is about Data Server. As a Data Server, you can use Data Domain or Avamar GSAN which is a set of Avamar Storage Nodes (computers with internal disk drives) running as a grid. This is native Avamar solution but has limits for the number of SN and the total capacity of GSAN grid. The better of these is Data Domain, but to answer your question: you don't need DD, you can use GSAN grid.

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No it supports only Data domain as a integration , for extended data retention , you can use emc networker as a media sever to configure the backup to tape

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Yes indeed. Avamar grid can be used as storage itself to store its own backup. 

You can even use a virtual appliance with the required storage capacity. There are defined appliance sizes so you may choose one depending on your data size.

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Yes. Avamar can be deployed with storage nodes which don not "require" DD for back-end storage. However, large Avamar Grids can be quite pricey, so leveraging DD storage in larger environments tends to be more economical the more data you protect. For larger deployments, we typically deploy a virtual instance of Avamar (AVE) and send data to a back-end DD. 

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