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What is ZK Framework?
ZK Framework is an open source Java framework for building enterprise web and mobile apps without having to learn JavaScript or AJAX. ZK’s Server+client Fusion gives developers the freedom to leverage the best of both sides. ZK's client side implementation is based on the de facto standards, jQuery and JSON, leveraging the vast resources and enjoying the company of millions in the community. Its User Interface Markup Language (ZUML) makes the design of rich user interfaces as simple as authoring HTML pages. ZUML is a variant of XUL inheriting all features available to XML, and separates the UI definition from the run-time logic. In addition, ZK protects applications against XSS, DoS, and CSRF. ZK further strengthens authentication and authorization with third party security frameworks such as Spring Security which altogether offers
ZK Framework Customers
University of Oxford, SEB, Easit, Sinclair, Softeco, Thinking Nerworks, Syslink, Via Appia, Medexter Healthcare, Oxyent, Steria, LKV, Iten, EI, Sciformation Consulting
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