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What is Wedia Digital eXperience Management?

Wedia’s Digital eXperience Management (DXM) module is at the crossroad of content and consumer context: it allows clients to dynamically adapt master assets from a single source of truth library (SSOT), and distribute them onto various distribution channels.

Digital eXperience Management makes dynamic content available through API and ‘headless’ diffusion. The content is managed separately from the content presentation but interacts with the audience when it is diffused.

This separation allows creative teams to focus on building the core content without having to simultaneously worry about the presentation. Content is adapted on-demand in the desired format and at any requested moment, enabling a ‘create once and publish everywhere’ workflow.

The main goal of the DXM module is to deliver a great and personalized user experience. This is achieved through a dynamic rendering of content which generates multiple variants of assets. The variations can include the technical adaptation of content (device, format, resolution, SEO, rights management) to the user context (location, culture, season, weather, place …) and behavior (session duration, already seen content, previous navigation, user journey etc.).

In order to succesfully produce such digital experiences, both contextual and unified, the DXM integrates with several key building blocks of your information system. First of all, the DAM (Digital Asset Management), but also, Product Information Management (PIM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management System (CMS), CDP (Customer Data Platform) or Marketing Automation and eCommerce solutions.

The DXM module also comes with the necessary data visualization tools to measure the marketing performance of your content and improve your marketing ROI.

Wedia Digital eXperience Management was previously known as Wedia DXM.

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