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What is TopOPPS?
Modern sales teams plug TopOPPS into their CRM for predictive sales analytics. TopOPPS assists the sales rep like a personal assistant that guides and drives winning behaviors resulting in CRM hygiene with accurate analytics and a predictive forecast on autopilot. By assisting sales reps with easy data entry and pipeline insights, sales teams see an increase of 20% in quota attainment due to higher win rates and shorter cycle times. TopOPPS helps sales reps to get more data into the CRM in a fraction of the time leaving them more time to sell. The increase in accurate data combined with learning algorithms, enables the AI to direct sales management to areas in the sales process that need improvement and to coaching opportunities with sales reps. TopOPPS automates the sales process to improve CRM adoption, sales process execution, pipeline visibility, sales performance, and forecast accuracy. Sales teams using TopOPPS are closing more, faster.
TopOPPS Customers
Interactive Intelligence, Dexter + Chaney Inc., Buckner Companies, LevelEleven, VMH International, VidVerify
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