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What is Oracle Tuxedo?
Oracle Tuxedo Runs mission-critical C/C++/COBOL applications in conventional and cloud deployments, optimized for Oracle Exalogic with 8X throughput gain. It helps accelerates your time to market and time to modernize with state-of-the-art developer and operational tools. It can Cloud-enables your CICS, IMS, and batch applications to run on a platform with mainframe-grade RASP. Oracle Tuxedo benefits will help develop, deploy, and run mission-critical, C/C++/COBOL applications on a traditional data center infrastructure, engineered systems such as Oracle Exalogic, and your enterprise cloud, deliver more than 100,000 transactions per second, five 9s of availability, and linear scalability, Enable customers to reuse existing applications assets through mainframe rehosting and modernization, reducing migration risk and preserving multi-decade investments and provide 50-80% operations cost savings versus mainframe.

Oracle Tuxedo was previously known as Tuxedo.

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