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What is Oracle IoT Cloud Service?

Can data from billions of connected smart devices drive successful business decisions and strategies? Use Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service to make that happen.

- Connect Your Devices - Connect your existing sensors and devices with Oracle IoT Cloud Service Client Libraries and Gateways, available for a wide range of platforms and programming environments
- Analyze Your Streaming Data in Real Time - Use built-in, easy-to-use analytics to specify how you want your data to be filtered and aggregated
- Send Your Data to Enterprise Apps and Integrated Cloud Services - Integrate your data with enterprise applications and web services or with other Oracle Cloud services such as Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service
- Harness the Power of loT - Drive smarter decisions, open new markets, enable new services, and reduce costs

Your environment is preinstalled and preconfigured using Oracle Linux and Oracle Java SE Advanced or Node to maximize performance, scalability, and reliability.

The underlying infrastructure has the same secure and reliable core capabilities offered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service. With capabilities like elastic scaling, storage, and integrated load balancing you can run your Java and Node workloads on the Oracle Application Container Cloud and easily scale environments up and scale out as your application needs grow.

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