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What is IxNetwork VE?

IxNetwork VE is designed to test the functional and performance testing of physical and virtual network infrastructure, capacity, scalability, and convergence using scaled protocol emulation and traffic. IxNetwork VE can emulate protocols for routing and switching, data center Ethernet, software-defined networking (SDN), broadband access, and industrial Ethernet.

  • Provides comprehensive protocol coverage for routing/switching, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), broadband access, data center networking, and SDN
  • Powerful traffic generation and statistics engine including stateless L2-3 traffic and stateful L4-7 application flows
  • Common IxNetwork user interface across both Ixia hardware and virtual products enables end-to-end virtual and hardware based testing from a single pane of glass
  • VMs of the Ixia hardware components (virtual chassis, virtual load modules_ are software that is optimized for protocol emulation and traffic generation in a virtual environement
  • Comprehensive platform support including standalone hypervisors (VMware ESXi and KVM) and OpenStack-based private clouds
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