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What is Cubro Visibility Node?

Cubro Visibility Node is much more than a network packet broker because it interacts with the Cubro Visibility Controller, and supports dynamic packet handling approaches for modern overlay networks. The cubro controller correlates metadata from the CVN and configurations information from the network infrastructure.

In the past, a network was configured device by device (device model). Today, networks are configured by software tools to provide services (service model).

Currently, overlay networks are a standard in any data center. The only differentiator today versus in the past is that we are talking about hundreds or thousands of overlay networks per data center with up to multiple thousands of endpoints. Also, overlay networks are more dynamic than in the past such that manual configuration of visibility tools is no longer possible.

Cubro Visibility Node Customers
A1, Bugaboo, Elisa, Ericsson, Nokia, Liberity Global
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