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What is CA VM:Secure?

CA VM:Secure for z/VM (CA VM:Secure) is a comprehensive security and directory management system for z/VM.

It’s designed to help you minimize risk by establishing rigid safeguards and controlling access to z/VM and Linux on System z guest resources.

CA VM:Secure helps prevent inadvertent security exposures by automatically maintaining synchronization between the z/VM user directory and your security rules. It helps make it easier to enforce IT-wide security practices automatically, identify security offenders and produce complete security reports and audit listings.

CA VM:Secure help you optimize your z/VM environment by providing:

  • Control over access to all system resources
  • Delegation of disk space management and automated direct access storage device (DASD) relocation

CA VM:Secure was previously known as CA VM:Secure for z/VM.

CA VM:Secure Customers

Neovera, Vodafone Turkey, Comcast

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