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What is AppLearn ADOPT?

AppLearn ADOPT is a digital adoption solution that aims to help enterprises invest in software more consciously as well as to help them train employees to use programs and applications more effectively. Through this all-in-one platform, organizations can have more effective workflows and apps, benefiting from the simple adoption that AppLearn ADOPT offers. The module suite of AppLearn ADOPT includes core as well as advanced analytics, trails, tooltips, split screen, smart and training pages, and feedback, providing organizations with various ways through which they can control the digital adoption in the workplace.

AppLearn ADOPT helps organizations to create seamless digital transformation for their employees, creating in-app training materials for them and allowing them to communicate closely throughout the process. In this way, the platform ensures that the whole team is engaged in the newly presented software and can utilize it as soon as possible, which contributes to the effectiveness of the entire work process. The digital adoption platform assists businesses in evaluating the performance of their employees and their software by providing them with detailed insight in the form of data and reports. Through these, organizations can identify areas for improvement and potential issues that employees may have with the new technological solutions that can be fixed in a timely manner to ensure there will be no further problems in the workspace in the future.

The Create studio of AppLearn ADOPT allows organizations to produce content that can raise awareness and understanding throughout the whole process involved in the software launch, from its very start to when it is being put to active use. Companies can use on-brand videos, guides, and various communication methods to educate and train internal or external associates, ensuring that everyone understands the newly employed solution. The platform also offers companies with enhanced security and provides continuous support for organizations, assisting them with expert advice for their work.

AppLearn ADOPT Features

AppLearn ADOPT comes with various features to help organizations introduce software effectively and generate future returns from their investments. These features include the following:

  • Platform compatibility: Users can benefit from the AppLearn ADOPT solution through both desktop and web apps, helping them receive assistance through various channels.

  • Enhancement: AppLearn ADOPT offers software enhancements at every phase of the project, providing continuous support for organizations throughout the entire software launch process.

  • Integration: Through the integration feature, organizations can have seamless management of the whole process, helping them control the launch of new software and how employees receive the new information and put it to use.

  • Security: AppLearn ADOPT offers enterprise-grade security, allowing organizations to educate their employees on the usage of new software while ensuring the safety of the solution.

AppLearn ADOPT Benefits

AppLearn ADOPT, offers many benefits in the process of digital transformation in their work process. Some of the benefits that this solution offers include:

  • All-in-one location for all instructional materials
  • Training, surveys, and popups in-app to ensure the most effective learning process
  • Reduced friction between employees and technology due to effective guidance

AppLearn ADOPT was previously known as ADOPT.

AppLearn ADOPT Customers

Cushman & Wakefield, Siemens, Mercer, ElectroLux, Bombardier, TeliaSonera, Ecobank, Barclays, Bell, Rolls Royce

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