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Top 8 Mainframe Application Development

BMC Compuware Topaz WorkbenchBMC Compuware XpediterIBM Rational Developer for z SystemsBMC Compuware Abend-AIDCA GenBMC Compuware Topaz Program AnalysisCA BrightsideSoftware AG Natural for Mainframe
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    We can develop in parallel today on ISPF, but it's giving us the advantage of the newer interface into the mainframe programming languages that younger programmers can use and are familiar with, rather than using the ISPF green screen.
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    I like the ability to flow through the source and see what happens to the data as the statements are executed. If there is a fault, it will track the event, and we can then look back to see why it may have caused the fault. You can also reverse engineer your test. You can set it so that you can go backward as well as forward in your test. This is something that I haven't done here at my company. Compuware Xpediter is one of the best debugging tools for mainframe software development. We have currently licensed only the COBOL language for Xpediter, but I know they have other languages, including Assembler, PL/I.
  3. CA Gen has provided us web development capability.Full packets, enable you to develop software and systems using these packets, and implement software on the mainframe side and the client side. You can use the same packets, so it's very powerful.
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