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Implementation of Inverter and UPS Monitoring

500 people affected
20 people managed
3 month project

Project Description

Implementation of Inverters and UPS Monitoring using Solarwinds Network Performance 

Created UPSes and Inverters dashboard

Created a webview for input-voltage, input-frequency, bypass-frequency, battery-capacity-remaining, UPS/Inverter-battery-status, battery temperature, current-battery-voltage, UPS-Output-Percent-Load.

Created email alerts for bypass-frequency, input-voltage, battery-capacity-remaining, UPS-output-percent-load, battery-temperature.

Lessons Learned

At some point some UPS/inverter data could not be spolled, the local partner has to carry out some research in ensuring that the data required from such models were retrieved.


ahead of schedule
under budget
support from colleagues


management had to be convinced
equipment incompatibility
steep learning curve
large no. of people impacted

Technologies Used

Technical Skills Used

  • Project Management skill

Technical Certifications Used

  • Solarwinds NPM
  • Lagos6.454073.39467
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