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VMware Upgrade to 6.5

Chris Childerhose - PeerSpot reviewer
Lead Infrastructure Architect at ThinkON

Project Description

VMware Upgrade to 6.5

Completed an upgrade of our existing environment to VMware 6.5.  Upgraded the Windows PSC to a PSC Appliance and also the 2 Windows Virtual Centers to VCSA.  Had some minor issues with one of the VCs not wanting to upgrade and required creating a new one to move everything over but exporting and importing the vDS configuratons saved time.

Lessons Learned

Nothing as the upgrade was very smooth other than our Vancouver VC which required a new deployment due to upgrade problems.


Ahead of schedule
Under budget
Received recognition / award
Support from colleagues

Products Used

Technical Skills Used

  • VMware

Technical Certifications

  • Toronto43.7001-79.4163