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When evaluating Virtual Desktop, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

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Support. and the security of knowing that the licenses I rightfully bought awon't be revoked suddenly (true story)

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VDI solution should fulfil business need about Security, Mobility and user experience as well . combination of named desktop, shard one and application publishing are the success key to achieve VDI added value within location and access-device flexibility.

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It all depends on what are you looking for. Nowadays there are a lot of different vendors that provide VDI and all of them are so good. 

So in my experience what you need to evaluate is the security and the user experience!!

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Performance followed very closely by reliability - and all that closely tied together by "how much does this *%^& cost?"
Performance = real life what does it feel like at the other end of the wire.

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Resource consumption on the system that runs it and lag time (if any).

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Without a doubt performance would be the most important aspect for me. What looks great on paper also needs to perform so well that the employee does not know it is a virtual desktop.

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