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When evaluating Cloud Cost Management, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

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Senior Cloud Economics Consultant at Source Code Control
Jan 21, 2021

1. Rightsizing resources based on actual performance data. Compute and storage. PaaS tiering.

2. Software licensing/license mobility

3. Wasted resources (unattached storage)

4. Location. Are there cheaper regions that could be used?

5. Test/Dev. Power off when not needed. Are you wasting licenses when not required?

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Partner at Cloudstep
Nov 16, 2021

Better planning upfront will prevent future cost management pain.  

DISCLOSURE - we built cloudstep to reduce the risk and uncertainty that surrounds public cloud adoption.  We take a total Application cost view - not just an Infrastructure view.  

-Start by building your financial baseline, i.e. your current cost to deliver IT.  From there compare it against different deployment options (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) delivered via different cloud vendors (AWS/Azure). 

-Build complex business cases on evidence and YOUR true costs - not a bunch of "woolly" vendor assumptions.  

-Build a 5 year TCO model that CxO's have confidence in and trust.

-If you are already in / or partway to the cloud - automate, automate, automate. Turn off those dev / pre-prod machines at night and make sure you understand the cost impacts of 100 seemingly small decisions. When added up they can contribute to an unexpected hefty bill. 

Todd Bernhard - PeerSpot reviewer
Director, Product Marketing at CloudCheckr
Jan 26, 2021

Disclosure: I work for CloudCheckr but here are my thoughts: Naturally, you want a solution that saves money by identifying unused and idle resources, rightsizing both up and down, and leveraging discount opportunities such as Reserved Instances, Savings Plans, etc. You might also want a tool that provides invoices, for chargeback or show back, with custom rates so you can capture and recoup costs from other departments.

But don't forget that Downtime and Security Breaches can cost far more than any wasteful resources. A good Cloud Management Platform will also make recommendations for, and in some cases automatically fix, security misconfigurations and high availability concerns.

AbhishekGupta3 - PeerSpot reviewer
Solutions Specialist | Product Manager - Cloud & Data Center Services at Hexaware Technologies Limited
Real User
Oct 28, 2020

Couple of factors to consider: 
1. First and foremost would be Insight into your Cloud environment (detailed inventory information)
2. Cost split across various services being consumed
3. Identification of wasted resources in the environment
4. View into the utilization of existing resources

Let me know if we can connect to discuss in detail regarding your requirement.

Clement Hussenot - PeerSpot reviewer
Site Reliability Engineer at Manomano
Real User
Apr 3, 2020

The solution must allow all the co-workers to understand the costs of their services, to put this in relation to the BV, to be alerted at the time of
a cost peak.

Zonal Service Head with 10,001+ employees
Oct 10, 2019


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